Ceracon offers artists workspace and exhibtion room as well as
accommodation in the beautiful Finnsih archipelago.


Disciplines: pottery/ceramics, painting, photography, writing

Terms for the residence
Duration of stay: 2 weeks to 3 months (or longer)
Capacity: 3-4 artists at one time
Personal expenses: travel, food, accommodation, supplies (per agreement)
Application: by telephone or e-mail. Please attach a presentation and CV.
Participants are chosen by us.

Description of the residency
Location: Finnish Archipelago
Facilities and equipment: internet, fully equipped pottery studio, showroom, shop, tea room, kitchen, nature, rowboats, bicykles, washing machine and drier
Accommodation: room with mini-kitchen, bedclothes + towels, cleaning
Languages: Swedish, Finnish, English, German, Italian, (Russian), (French)
How to reach: by airplain or boat to Helsinki or Turku → by car or bus from Helsinki 2-3 hours, from Turku 1-1,5 hours